Sunday, 21 July 2013

Need qualified sexologist doctor in Haryana,India?

Dr Saatiish junthrraa

Dr Saatiish Jhuntrraa is one of the leading sexologist & psychiatrist from india. He has been working relentlessly to help people having all types of sexual problems for the last 24 years. Having received medical graduate training from Haryana & post graduate training in psychiatry from India's premier institute ,C.I.P.Ranchi(Bihar) , he has received many honors and recognitions as sexologist . He was bestowed Diplomat , American Board of Sexology & membership of International Society of Sexual Medicine. He has attended many international and National conferences on sexual Health and delivered talks on "psychiatric aspects of sexual problems"; Neuro-hormonal mechanisms of sexual dysfunctions" etc. His particular area of interest is " how to keep the flame of love burning in married life" People have inherent hesitation in seeking help for sexual problems for fear of being derided. They don't know whom to turn to in case of a problem in bedroom . Some keep on suffering, others try unscientific treatments prescribed by friends and quacks. Sexual health as a medical specialty has not been promoted as yet . It deserves a separate specialty definitely as it can cause havoc with people's life, causing considerable morbidity and

This situation prompted Dr Jhuntrraa to start giving consultation on Internet. It is easy, economical, saves time and ensures total privacy. One can chose to interact by mail, chatting or even face to face talk as if you
are sitting with the doctor in his office. This has been liked by people all over the Globe, as shown by the letters of appreciation. We offer help to people of all age groups of either sex on issues of sex education to your children, sex abuse, pre and post marital counseling, male sex problems like reduced desire, erectile problems, pre mature and delayed ejaculation, anejaculation( inability to ejaculate), pain during sex, penile size, nocturnal discharge, drug abuse with sex problems, psychiatric problems with sex problems, retarded development of sex organs, STD, sperm deficiency, infertility in males, birth defects in sex organs , female sex problems like reduced desire, pain during sex, dryness, mood disturbances, not getting orgasm in sex, vaginal discharge .

Sex problems are like any other body dysfunction. It needs to be treated with respect, duly heard, investigated, diagnosis made and appropriate treatment given. We have facility for investigating these problems in detail. We can advice you to undergo an appropriate investigation, after understanding your problem. You can send a scanned copy of the result . And then, treatment can be started.
How to have consultation-
1 -log on to
2- click on consult us
3- Chose which doctor you want to consult
4- click on " pay your fee" by which ever mode you want. Those from outside
India have to pay through PayPal in $
5- click on ask the question. Mention the transaction number from your
payment gateway
6- after confirmation of payment, we respond to your query. It may take 2-5
days, depending on the rush

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